Who wants to teach the web?

Mark Surman wrote at CommonSpace.

Kindred spirits and partners, more broadly.

(right-left) Anton, Yudanarko, Dhadhang.

(right-left) Anton, Yudanarko, Dhadhang.

A core idea behind Webmaker is being a big tent for anyone who wants to teach the Web. It’s about finding kindred spirits who want to teach alongside us. The three fellows above are from the local robot hacker community in Surabaya. They came to help with our Hive Pop Up. We worked with dozens and dozens of partners like this as part of Maker Party this summer including Code Club, National Writing Project, Technology Will Save Us, Young Rewired State and all of the members of our Hive Networks. I’m going to do a separate post on partners, but they are a key piece of building a mentor network in their own right.

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